Privacy Policy

Our privacy statement provides an explanation of how we handle your personal information when utilizing our games and services. We assure you that your confidential information is not sold to external parties. However, in certain circumstances, we may disclose your information to third parties to enhance our services or provide them to you.

We collect personal data that is essential to offer you our services, including your name, age, gender, and a link to your public profile photo on social media. Please note that we do not collect or store your personal information, such as your phone number or credit card information.

We may utilize your information to inform you of significant updates to our software, promotional offers, and software upgrades, as well as to provide you with application and software assistance.

For us to offer you our services and support, we might need to collect certain information. In that case, it's possible that we won't be able to offer you one or more of the services you currently use. We do not remove the previous game records or results from our social games.

The previous information is not destroyed, even if you delete the game Rummy Home Download from your phone or do not re-join the game. You accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service by downloading any of our software, setting up an account, or accessing or using the Service.

Collection and Use Of Persional Information

On every occasion that we collect personal data, we ensure its safety and security. This information is utilized to enhance the user experience. In the event that we share data, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, with any organization or the general public, we ensure that all personally identifying information is removed. Additionally, we incorporate third-party SDKs for ad presentation in our iOS and Android apps. These third-party SDKs may collect some personal data and display tailored advertisements. It is important to note that these third-party SDKs may create interests and demographics, such as "sports fanatics," using the advertising ID from the device on which our program is installed. This allows for better targeted advertisements based on the user's interests, demographics, and other information. Our applications utilize the following SDKs: Google AdMob, Ads in Unity Three, OneSignal, and Facebook.

User of services – Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the use of our Service:

➔You must not use the Service if you are under the age of 18. You must deny anyone under 18 to use your account. You are fully responsible for any unauthorized use of the Service including not limited to the use of credit card or any payment by any method.

➔You shall use your account only for non-commercial entertainment purposes. You shall not use the Service for any other purpose.

➔You shall not use your account for any illegal activity.

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